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Union-Industrial Contractor specializing in Mechanical, Electrical, Civil and HVAC Construction Services
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CHAPMAN CORPORATION, headquartered in Washington, Pennsylvania has been providing industrial customers with civil, mechanical, and electrical construction services for 75 years.  In addition to the construction services, Chapman Corporation also provides Pipe and Metal Fabrication, as well as engineering capabilities. 


Chapman Corporation has

75 years of experience providing civil, mechanical and electrical services for natural gas, power, steel, chemical, and glass industries.


From conceptual design through detailed engineering until completion of construction, Chapman engineering is geared to design with constructability and operability in mind.


Chapman Corporation supplies fabricated pipe, metal, and plate for projects. Our pipe and metal fabrication shops support our construction team with on-time delivery.


Accident prevention is the most important element of any construction project.

Chapman Corporation has received numerous awards for our safety performance.


Our Maintenance and Construction Services are a viable solution in meeting industry's need for a cost-effective approach to maintaining a plant on a regular basis.


As the leading contractor for constructing any type of mid-stream gas processing facility, Chapman works as the General Contractor and self-performs over 90% of the work.

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