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Union-Industrial Contractor specializing in Mechanical, Electrical, Civil and HVAC Construction Services
We provide civil, mechanical, and electrical work for CRYOGENIC PROCESSING FACILITIES

Chapman Corporation is the leading Contractor when it comes to constructing any type of mid-stream gas processing facility.  Chapman has completed the construction for over 45 Cryogenic Processing Facilities in the Marcellus and Utica Shale Locations. For each of these projects, Chapman worked as the General Contractor and self-performed over 90% of the work.

Cryogenic Processing Facility Work
  • Civil Foundations

  • Steel Fabrication and Erection

  • Supports

  • Cement Finishing and Grouting

  • Excavation for Mechanical and Electrical

  • Equipment Setting

  • Piping Construction Value Engineering

  • Fabrication

  • Process Pipe Installation

  • Painting

  • Test Package Development & Implementation

  • Commissioning and Checkout

  • 15kV and 5kV Feeders

  • Power Distribution

  • Motor Feeds

  • Lighting

  • Controls

  • ESD

  • Grounding

  • Commissioning and Checkout

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