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Union-Industrial Contractor specializing in Mechanical, Electrical, Civil and HVAC Construction Services
As an INDUSTRIAL UNION CONTRACTOR, Chapman provides cost-concious, innovative construction approaches

Chapman is an Industrial Union Contractor specializing in the Mechanical, Electrical, and Civil Construction.  We host our own Pipe and Sheet Metal Fabrication shops, as well as an Engineering Department to assist on projects with detail design and construction support. We have the skills, tools and experience needed to effectively manage and execute any type of Industrial Project.

Industrial Contractor

We provide cost-conscious, innovative construction approaches for the design and construction of a variety of industrial structures and systems. We possess the management skills to successfully integrate project needs and subcontractors into a comprehensive construction project. Chapman has successfully undertaken some of the nations’ largest and most visible construction efforts in recent years, providing the construction and program management expertise to achieve the intended goals of our clients.


Chapman Corporation has 100 home office permanent personnel, along with an additional 120 permanent supervisory personnel and being a union contractor has roughly 300-1,200 construction professionals. We have the ability to provide craft labor and supervision to self-perform on any construction project. Chapman Corporation has national agreements with most of the major trade unions.  This allows us to complete projects in a quality-driven, cost-effective manner consistent with our client’s expectations.  We have been recognized nationally for our safety programs.


Chapman Corporation maintains an inventory of common project equipment to support construction projects.  Since many projects occur on an undefined initiation schedule, we also maintain a number of national leasing agreements for equipment on an as needed basis.  Through these national agreements and other vendor associations, we have almost unlimited access to any type of equipment needed.  We either purchase, lease, or subcontract the primary systems necessary to perform a project in the most cost-efficient way.


Chapman Corporation’s project managers and construction managers are supported by automated, state-of-the-art systems for scheduling, budgeting, resource loading, cash flow, and document management. All of these systems keep our managers informed of a project’s status on a daily basis, allowing them to manage their projects accurately while maintaining the ability and flexibility to respond quickly to changes.

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